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Technical Documentation of 74cm 401.5 MHz Receiver (P740mm)

TypeHBT LNA, unclooled
Tsys150K (Trec=100K)
RF Frequency Range400 MHz - 405 MHz
Band Width RF Filter401.5 MHz / BW 5 MHz
CalibrationNoise Diode
FeedHelix in a short circular waveguide stub
Output400 - 405 MHz

Block Diagram


IF Converter


This receiver is a straightforward 401.5 MHz receiver with a very low bandwidth of <5 MHz and no down conversion. This receiver is specially designed for Mars lander missions to directly detect the telemetry signal of 401.5 MHz of the landing vehicle during the descent and landing phase of the mission. For continuum and VLBI measurements an analog converter module to an IF of 500 MHz to 1000 MHz is available.
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