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Hints for observers from abroad coming to Effelsberg

For questions concerning the scheduling of your observations please contact Alex Kraus (, for technical questions your local contacts are Uwe Bach ( for continuum or VLBI observations and Benjamin Winkel ( for spectroscopy observations.

Information about the telescope and its properties can be found here in this wiki at the Effelsberg User Guide - please have a look!

Please communicate your travel plans at least two weeks prior to your arrival in Effelsberg to Mr. A. Reimann (, so that we can book (a) guest room(s) at the observatory and/or the institute's headquarters in Bonn and try to assist you in organizing your transport to Effelsberg.

Note, that reaching Effelsberg by public transport is not easy. We recommend to rent a car as this will be most convenient. The Max-Planck-Institute can offer limited shuttle services between Bonn and Effelsberg – please contact us well in advance if you intend to use this.
Some public hints about using public transport are listed below.

Food supplies in Effelsberg are limited (there is no canteen). You should bring to the observatory what you need. There is a kitchen available where you can prepare your meals. A small choice of deep frozen meals as well as sweets are usually available.

You are welcome to bring up your laptop – a DHCP server is running. But we ask you to have an up-to-date virus scanner installed on your computer. And, please switch off any WLAN devices (and mobile phones!), in order not to interfere with you own observations!!

For any publications making use of data collected with the 100-m telescope please use the following acknowledgement: "Based on observations with the 100-m telescope of the MPIfR (Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie) at Effelsberg."

To report problems or give some feedback to us, please send an email to

Please send the reference of your publication(s) based on observations with the 100-m telescope to Alex Kraus (

Reaching Effelsberg with Public Transport

Take the train from Bonn Hbf to Bad Münstereifel (via Euskirchen). Depending on the day of the week and the time, there is a direct connection or you might have to change to another train or bus in Euskirchen (some connections go via Rheinbach - check the websites below).

In Bad Münstereifel continue by bus or ALT/AST ("Anruf-Linien-Taxi"/"Anruf-Sammel-Taxi" - taxi on demand, to be ordered about 30 minutes before by phone: 01806 - 151515). Note, that the ALT/AST only go once per hour (on a fixed schedule), but they are cheaper than a regular taxi.
The bus and the ALT taxi leaves you in the village of Effelsberg, so you need to walk to the observatory (about 2km).

To search for proper connections, please use the websites of Deutsche Bahn ( or of the VRS (

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