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 [[status|Current Status of the observational system]] [[status|Current Status of the observational system]]
 +===== Observer's Feedback =====
 +Please report any problem which you encountered during your observation by email to **eff-support[at]mpifr-bonn.mpg.de** (Please exchange [at] by the '@' to send an email to the Effelsberg support team). \\
 +When doing so, please give: (1) your name, (2) date and time of the observation, (3) used receiver, (4) a clear description of the problem.
 +If possible, provide some figures. Thanks!\\
 ===== Description of the Antenna and its Facilities ===== ===== Description of the Antenna and its Facilities =====
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   * [[Data storage and archive]]   * [[Data storage and archive]]
   * [[information_for_astronomers:user_guide:remote_short|Remote Observing]]   * [[information_for_astronomers:user_guide:remote_short|Remote Observing]]
 +  * [[information_for_astronomers:user_guide:guest_network|Guest Network]]
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   * [[.:reduc_pointing|Using the Toolbox to inspect cross-scans]]   * [[.:reduc_pointing|Using the Toolbox to inspect cross-scans]]
   * [[.:reduc_pointing|Reduction of pointed flux density measurements]]   * [[.:reduc_pointing|Reduction of pointed flux density measurements]]
 +  * [[.:cont_pipeline|New automated data reduction pipeline for continuum cross-scan observations]]
   * [[.:reduc_maps|Reduction of on-the-fly maps (Continuum)]]   * [[.:reduc_maps|Reduction of on-the-fly maps (Continuum)]]
   * [[.:Reduction of spectroscopic measurements]]   * [[.:Reduction of spectroscopic measurements]]
 +  * [[.:Semi-automatic reduction of spectroscopic measurements - a cookbook]]
   * For the reduction of Pulsar measurements, please contact the pulsar group in Bonn   * For the reduction of Pulsar measurements, please contact the pulsar group in Bonn
   * [[.:Further material (papers, tech memos, etc.)]]   * [[.:Further material (papers, tech memos, etc.)]]
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   * [[.:tutorials:continuum_session|A typical continuum observing session]]   * [[.:tutorials:continuum_session|A typical continuum observing session]]
   * [[.:tutorials:spectroscopy_session|A typical spectroscopy session]]   * [[.:tutorials:spectroscopy_session|A typical spectroscopy session]]
 +  * [[.:tutorials:4mtelescope|The Effelsberg 4m telescope, a primer]]
 ===== FAQ ===== ===== FAQ =====
   * [[.:faq|Frequently Asked Questions]]   * [[.:faq|Frequently Asked Questions]]
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