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 If possible, provide some figures. Thanks!\\ If possible, provide some figures. Thanks!\\
-===== Description of the Antenna and its Facilities ​=====+===== Description of the Antenna, Receivers ​and Backends ​=====
   * [[.:​antenna|Antenna]]   * [[.:​antenna|Antenna]]
-  * [[information_for_astronomers:​rx_list|Receiver and calibration parameters for the Effelsberg 100-m Telescope ​(new)]]+  * [[information_for_astronomers:​rx_list|Receiver and calibration parameters for the Effelsberg 100-m Telescope]]
   * [[information_for_astronomers:​backends|Backends]]   * [[information_for_astronomers:​backends|Backends]]
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   * [[.:​reduc_pointing|Using the Toolbox to inspect cross-scans]]   * [[.:​reduc_pointing|Using the Toolbox to inspect cross-scans]]
   * [[.:​reduc_pointing|Reduction of pointed flux density measurements]]   * [[.:​reduc_pointing|Reduction of pointed flux density measurements]]
-  * [[.:​cont_pipeline|New automated data reduction pipeline for continuum observations]]+  * [[.:​cont_pipeline|New automated data reduction pipeline for continuum ​cross-scan ​observations]]
   * [[.:​reduc_maps|Reduction of on-the-fly maps (Continuum)]]   * [[.:​reduc_maps|Reduction of on-the-fly maps (Continuum)]]
   * [[.:​Reduction of spectroscopic measurements]]   * [[.:​Reduction of spectroscopic measurements]]
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