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Welcome to the Wiki of the 100m Telescope at Effelsberg.

This platform is used to share information and to plan and document projects regarding the 100m telescope and the Effelsberg observatory.

Information for Astronomers (open access)

Here you can find a collection of useful information for observers using the 100m Effelsberg antenna.

It might also be helpful to look at the presentations that were given at the European Single Dish School in Bonn and Effelsberg in 2010.

Please use this acknowledgement for publications of your data.

Observer's Feedback

Please report any problem which you encountered during your observation by email to eff-support[at] (Please exchange [at] by the '@' to send an email to the Effelsberg support team).
When doing so, please give: (1) your name, (2) date and time of the observation, (3) used receiver, (4) a clear description of the problem. If possible, provide some figures. Thanks!

Pages of the individual groups (restricted to Effelsberg staff)

Wiki of the Electronic department (restricted access)

General Topics (restricted to MPIfR staff)

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