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Effelsberg Memo Series

This is a collection of various (partly old) memos on the telescope, receivers, etc. Some of these are in German - sorry for any inconvenience.

10-01-2011EBHIS (Effelsberg HI Survey) Technical ReportB. Winkel et al.20110110_ebhis_tech_rep.pdf
27-12-2010Untersuchung nutzbarer Spektralbereiche für die Radioastronomie im Bereich 300 MHz-900 MHz R. Keller, K. Grypstra20101227_rfi_300-900mhz.pdf
22-05-2009A new term for the Effelsberg pointing modelU. Bach20090522_poi.pdf
09-03-2009Increased residuals in pulsar timing due to the new sub-reflectorK. Lazaridis et al.memo_20090309.pdf
12-12-2007The Effelsberg-Bonn HI Survey (Test observations with the new 7-Beam receiver)B.Winkel et al.memo_20071212_21cm7b.pdf
12-09-2007First report about the commissioning of the new Effelsberg sub-reflectorU. Bach et al.12092007_memo.pdf
05-12-2006RFI Abschirmungsmassnahmen der LOFAR Elektronik in Effelsberg W. Reichmemo_05122006_lofar_rfi.pdf
02-11-2005Conversion of ECP Maps Into Healpix Maps L. LaPorta et altechrep_ecp2heal.pdf
19-08-2005Observations of linearly polarized sources with a linearly polarized hornA. Krausmemo_19082005.pdf
25-02-2005Secondary focus baseline ripples at 1.3cmC. Henkelmemo_25022005.pdf
08-10-2004Baseline ripples in the Effelsberg 100m secondary focus receiversT. Pillaimemo_08oct2004.pdf
30-03-2004Radio Frequency Interference at EffelsbergJ. Neidhöfermemo_30mar2004_rfi.pdf
28-10-2003Spectral Baselines at Effelsberg from Secondary Focus at 22 GHzA. Kraus, A.L. Roymemo_28102003.pdf
21-01-2002Bericht über die 3mm-Beobachtungen vom Oktober 2001A. Kraus2002-01-21_kraus_p3.pdf
12-2001Continuum and Polarisation Mapping Performance of the 8.35 GHz SFK-ReceiverW. Reich, E. Fürst2001_reich_fuerst_s36.pdf
24-10-2001Phase-Coherent Holography of the 100-m TelescopeM. Kesteveneff_holo_rpt.pdf
01-01-2001Interference ProblemsW. Reichmemo_01012001.pdf
01-10-2000Das Pointingmodell des 100-m Radioteleskops in EffelsbergA. Krauskraus_pointing_2000.pdf
01-09-2000Test of the 6 -feed 32 GHz receiver systemW. Reichmemo_01092000.pdf
01-04-2000Effelsberg FAST On-The-Fly mapping guideD. Mudersmemo_01042000.pdf
23-11-19996cm-SchmalbandtestW. Reich1999-11-23_reich_s60_sb.pdf
20-09-19992.8cm Pointing measurementsW.J. Altenhoffmemo_20091999.pdf
03-08-1999RFI measurements at 21cmP. Friedel, A. Jessner et al.memo_03081999.pdf
21-10-1998Polarisation measurement of a pulsar with the 850-1250 MHz RXP. Friedel, A. Jessner et al.memo21101998.pdf
08-10-1998Test of the UHF (30cm) receiverO. Lochner, E. Fürstmemo_08101998.pdf
08-10-1998Pulsar timing (800-1250 MHz)C. Lange, N. Wexmemo_8101998.pdf
01-09-1998Observations of ITALSAT with EffelsbergJ. Neidhöfermemo_01091998.pdf
15-03-1998Effelsberg Upgrade MemoS. v. Hoernermemo_15031998.pdf
22-01-1998Test of the 7mm receiver E. Fürst, J. Neidhöfermemo_22011998.pdf
03-12-1997Test of the UHF (30cm) receiverO. Lochner, E. Fürstmemo_03121997.pdf
17-09-1997Test of the new 11cm receiverFürst, Kothes, Reichmemo_17091996.pdf
14-05-1997Erste 11cm Messungen von PulsarenA. v. Hoensbroechmemo_14051997.pdf
05-05-1997Test of the new 11cm receiverE. Fürstmemo_05051997.pdf
26-03-1997Test of the 32 GHz receiverW. Reich, E. Fürstmemo_26031997.pdf
29-12-1995Test with the new 14,7 GHz ReceiverW.J. Altenhoff memo_29121995.pdf
28-12-1995Test with the new 14,7 GHz ReceiverW.J. Altenhoff28121995.pdf
01-12-1995Performance of the Effelsberg 3mm receiverD. Grahammemo_01121995.pdf
01-10-1995Test of the 30GHz receiverW.J. Altenhoffmemo_01101995.pdf
02-09-1995Test of the 2-horn 6cm (4.85GHz) continuum receiverH. Rottmann et al.memo02091995.pdf
02-08-1995Test measurements of the 10.45 GHz systemW. Reichmemo_02081995.pdf
17-02-1995Preliminary report on the 7mm receiver testsW. Altenhoff, J. Schmidtmemo_17021995.pdf
30-06-1981Über polarisierte Radiowellen, Korrelation und PolarimeterB.-H. Grahltb_grahl.pdf
1980Horizont des 100-m TeleskopsR. Schulzetb52_1980.pdf
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