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Current schedules for the 100-m telescope

Plan A

(high priority, good weather)

Sep 19 - Oct 02, 2023: a_2023-09-19.pdf
Oct 03 - Oct 16, 2023: a_2023-10-03.pdf
Oct 17 - Oct 29, 2023: a_2023-10-17.pdf
Oct 29 - Nov 06, 2023: a_2023-10-29.pdf

Plan B

Please note, that all schedules are subject to changes on short notice, if necessary. That's especially true for version nos. < 1.

The responsibility for the weather decision is with the observer of the project on plan A, which is labeled with a *.
The latest time for the decision is indicated by the red dot in the schedule. If no red dot is given, the decision has to be made not later than 30 mins before the start of the observation.

Please note: Changes of the schedules on short notice due to technical or scientific reasons are always possible!

Backup programs for bad weather conditions are always available, even if no "plan B" is given here.

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