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Technical Documentation of the 50mm Receiver 5.75 - 6.75 GHz (P50mm)

TypeHEMT ,Cooled
Receiver Noise Temperature85K
Frequency Range5.75 - 6.75 GHz
Bandwidth RF-Filters-fixed1 GHz
PolarizationLHC and RHC
CalibrationNoise Diode
feedPrime Focus Horn
1. Oscillator ULO2 526 - 586 MHz (x16)
1. IF2 - 3 GHz
2. Oscillator ULO1 1700 MHz (x2)
2. IF500 - 1000 MHz

Block Diagram

Receiver Noise Temperature


This two-channel system with cooled HEMT pre-amplifiers has been designed for spectroscopy and VLBI observations.

This system is part of Primary Focus Multi Frequency Box #2 (PM 2).

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