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Technical Documentation of the 6cm Receiver 4.6 - 5.1 GHz (S60mm)

TypeHEMT cooled
Receiver Noise9K
Frequency range4.6 - 5.1 GHz
PolarizationLHC/RHC 2 horns
CalibrationNoise diode phase cal for VLBI
Polarimeter 2 Broadband Polarimeters
1st IF2360 - 2860 MHz
LO1Valon 5009 fsynt.1 = 3.73 GHz x 2 (LO1 = 7.46 GHz)
2nd IF0.5 - 1 GHz
LO2Valon 5009 fsynt.2 = 2.2 GHz

Simplified Block Diagram of the receiver, (RK on 24.4.2018)

Detailed Block Diagram of the complete receiver, (ZK on 18.5.2018)


This is a 4 channel system with cooled HEMT preamplifiers. It has been constructed for sensitive Continuum, VLBI and Pulsar observations. It is permanently installed in the secondary focus cabin. The frontend has 2 identical dewars, each comprising one horn, a cooled directional coupler, circular (RHC and LHC) transducer and 2 HEMT amplifiers etc.

The Broadband Polarimeters are placed at the frontend, because the system has a 1 GHz bandwidth.

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