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Technical Documentation of the 1cm Receiver 27 - 38 GHz (P10mm)

TypeHEMT cooled
Receiver Noise Temperature10-40 K
Bandwidth RF-FiltersSee below filter combination
CalibrationNoise Diode
Feed Primary Focus Horn
Frequency Range27 - 38.7 GHz
1.Local OscillatorMultiplier 24*(ULO1= 1.22 - 1.488 GHz)
1.IF2 - 4 GHz (Broadband)
2.Local Oscillator4*(ULO2=937.5 MHz)
2.IF500 - 1000 MHz

Block Diagram

Simplified Block Diagram of p10mm_receiver.pdf, (ZMK on 15.08.2019)

Receiver Noise Temperature


This system is equipped with 3 RF-Filters to suppress mirror frequency reception. During observation, the filter and ULO settings have to be selected according to the observation frequency (see block diagram).In March 2007 the LNA was replaced by an InP-HEMT MMIC-amplifier designed for the 9mm receiver. Therefore the noise figure at low frequencies is not ideal.This system is part of the Primary Focus Multi Frequency Box #1 (PM 1).

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