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Technical Documentation of the 30cm Receiver 800- 1300 MHz (P300mm)

TypeHEMT, uncooled
Receiver Noise Temperature50 K - 95K (see table)
Frequency Range0.8 - 1.3 GHz
Bandwidth RF-Filters-fixed0.8 - 1.3 GHz
PolarizationLHC and RHC
CalibrationNoise Diode after 1. Amplifier
feedDipole System
1. Oscillator ULO1
1. IF600-700 MHz
2. Oscillator ULO2
2. IF100 - 200 MHz

Block Diagram

Receiver Noise Temperature


The noise measurements were made in the laboratory with 2 MHz bandwidth and refer to the feed.

This system was constructed particularly for VLBI, but was already used during test measurements also for spectroscopy, continuum and pulsar observations. This frequency range is not free of interference. Observers wanting to do continuum or pulsar observations might have to search for a frequency range not obstructed by interference and/or use a narrower bandwidth.

This system is part of Primary Focus Multi Frequency Box #2 (PM2).

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