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17cm prime focus receiver, UBB (1300-6000 MHz)

This is an ultra broad band (UBB) 2-channel system covering a range from 1300 to 6000 MHz. Obviously, there is still a lot of RFI present.

Currently, the system is in commissioning. If you are interested to use it, please contact the staff.

Calibration Information

Frequency [GHz] Channel Polarisation Tcal [K] Tsys [K] Sensitivity [K/Jy] SEFD [Jy] Aperture Eff. [%] TMB/S [K/Jy] Main Beam Eff. [%] FWHM [arcsec] Last update
1.4 A+B 2x lin ~50 ~22 1.4 16 50 570 first estimates
normalized Gain curve (G = A0 + A1·Elv + A2·Elv2) Observed in confirmed
A0 = 1.0A1 = 0.0A2 = 0.02022


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