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If you want to reduce your (spectroscopic and pointing) data with class one should use the observer5 computer. Everyone with an account in the mpifr network can login to this computer with his/her account. It is connected to the /homes server. It is also connected to /homes/astro/gag, so your gildas packeage of choice should work. It is also possible to use a local version of class, which is used to write the spectroscopic and pointing data. to enable this change to the bash shell by typing bash and source the init file:

source /opt/ClassWriter/EffelsbergPipeline/

afterward you can try to run


the Data from the pipeline is stored in /Class on observer5 and after 15 minutes appears also in /daten/Class on be4 and after a time also in be3 and /eff/data/ and /hsm/effarchive/.To open the file:

las90> file in "/daten/Class/class_2010_10_20.100m"

las90> find

for pointings you have to switch to continuum mode:

las90> set type c

cas90> find

to switch back for line observations:

cas90> set type l

las90> find

To look for new data type and wait:

las90> new

You can of course write out your spectra to a new file. You have to specify it with:

las90> file out myFile.100m mult

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