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Radio astronomy

Rohlfs, Tools of radio astronomy 4th rev. and enl. ed., Springer, 2004

Lilley, A.E. & Palmer, P., Tables of Radio-Frequency Recombination Lines ApJS 16, 143, 1968

Data calibration

General flux calibration

Baars et al., The absolute spectrum of CAS A - an accurate flux density scale and a set of secondary calibrators, A&A 61, 99, 1977

Ott et al., An updated list of radio flux density calibrators,A&A 284, 331, 1994

Perley & Butler, An accurate flux density scale from 1 to 50 GHz, ApJS 204, 19, 2013

Kraus, Calibration of the Effelsberg 100m telescope, tech. memo, 2009

Lilley & Palmer, Tables of Radio-Frequency Recombination Lines, ApJS 16, 143, 1968

Spectroscopic flux and bandpass calibration

Winkel et al., Unbiased flux calibration methods for spectral-line radio observations, A&A 540, A140, 2012

Heiles, A New Technique for Heterodyne Spectroscopy: Least-Squares Frequency Switching (LSFS), PASP 119, 643, 2007

Sources suitable for spectroscopy/line pointing can be found in the ATNF SiO maser database.

Opacity correction/determination

Pardo et al., Atmospheric Transmission at Microwaves (ATM): An Improved Model for mm/submm applications, IEEE Trans. on Antennas and Propagation 49, 1683, 2001

ITU-R, Attenuation by atmospheric gases, P.676-9, 2012

Lay, The temporal power spectrum of atmospheric fluctuations due to water vapor, A&A 122, 535, 1997

Spectral lines catalogs

Database for astronomical spectroscopy Splatalogue.

The Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy CDMS.

Atomic Spectra Database NIST & LOVAS.


FFT spectrometer

Klein et al., High-resolution wide-band Fast Fourier Transform spectrometers, A&A 542, 3, 2012

Klein et al., The APEX digital Fast Fourier Transform Spectrometer, A&A 454, 29, 2006

Radio frequency interference (RFI)

Gary et al., A Wideband Spectrometer with RFI Detection, PASP 112, 560, 2010

Flöer et al., RFI mitigation for the Effelsberg Bonn HI Survey (EBHIS), Conference proceedings of "RFI 2010", POS, 2010

Fridman, Statistically Stable Estimates of Variance in Radio-Astronomy Observations as Tools for Radio-Frequency Interference Mitigation, AJ 135, 1810, 2008

See also:

Conference proceedings: RFI mitigation workshop (RFI 2010)

Frequency allocation (German)

ITU-R registered radio telescopes (and frequency bands)

Polarization measurements


Robishaw, Magnetic fields near and far: Galactic and extragalactic single-dish radio observations of the Zeeman effect, Ph.D. thesis, Berkeley, 2008

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